• Raksha Bandhan Recipes | What To Cook This Raksha Bandhan

    Raksha Bandhan Recipes | What to cook this Raksha Bandhan
  • What To Cook This Raksha Bandhan | Rakhi special food recipes

    The Indian festival of Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi is approaching, and it also marks the opening of the festive season. Rakhi is observed across India with much fervour celebrating the sweet bond of a brother and sister. For the festival of Rakhi once the rituals are observed, food takes centre stage. If you’re wondering what to cook for your siblings this Rakhi, read on as we unbox a gamut of Raksha Bandhan recipes and Raksha Bandhan dishes from drinks to dessert, and everything in between.

    Try Yummefy’s collection of tried and tested homemade easy Raksha Bandhan Recipes to impress your family.

    What is the meaning of Raksha Bandhan| Why is Raksha Bandhan celebrated?

    Raksha Bandhan means the bond to protect. The sister ties a thread on the wrist of her brothers and the brothers take an oath to protect the sister. In the modern context sisters too pledge to take care of their brothers. After the thread tying ceremony, sweets and gifts are exchanged. Rakhi is celebrated on the last day of the Hindu lunar calendar which falls in the month of 'Shraavan'.

    What kind of food is cooked at Raksha Bandhan?

    Most often Raksha Bandhan is a family affair and the traditional food for this festival is cooked lovingly at home and shared with family. The preparations often consist of Indian regional delicacies and house-specials.

    Raksha Bandhan Drinks recipes:

    Begin your day together by making and serving a glass of chilled sour and sweet Mango Panna or Aam ka Panna. This cooling thirst-quencher with ingredients such as kala namak, smoky roasted cumin powder, and pudina blended with raw mangoes makes for a great appetizing drink.

    Aam ka Panna

    Aam Panna Recipe

    Post meals you could whip up our recipe of the globally loved Dalgona Coffee or whipped coffee which is a treat for coffee lovers.

    Dalgona Coffee

    Dalgona Coffee Recipe

    If like us, you are a tea lover, why not go that extra mile and make Masala Chai which is a fragrant blend of some of our favourite fragrant spices including cinnamon, cloves, green cardamom, and ginger root.

    Masala Chai

    Masala Chai Recipe

    You could even opt to make a Kadha which is an apt drink in the current scenario and helps keep diseases at bay.


    Kadha Recipe

    Easy Snacks recipes for Raksha Bandhan:

    When the family gathers together there are bound to be catch-up sessions over lots and lots of snacks and drinks. It is natural to binge then. If you like to keep things healthy, our creamy Hummus is great with pita bread, crudités, baked chips, artisan bread, and just about anything.


    Hummus Recipe

    Or if your brother or sister loves chaat, surprise them by making our mouth-watering Papdi Chaat recipe in the clean environs of home. From the Chaat Masala to the Imli ki Chutney and Hari Chutney recipes, we have it all covered.

    Papdi Chaat

    Papdi Chaat Recipe

    And when you have all the chaat ingredients ready and at hand, why not make some Palak ki Chaat and have your own chaat party? Crispy batter fried spinach leaves topped with cold and creamy yoghurt along with tangy tamarind and hot hari chutney – this is a combination no one can resist.

    Palak ki Chaat

    Palak ki Chaat Recipe

    Summertime calls for ‘everything mango’ and just before bidding goodbye to mango season we recommend you make our sweet and spicy Prawns with Spicy Mango Tomato Salsa, a recipe we guarantee will wow you and your family alike.

    Prawns with Spicy Mango Tomato Salsa

    Prawns with Spicy Mango Tomato Salsa Recipe

    And if it is Raksha Bandhan special recipes like Indian tandoori starters that your heart craves, we have the Chicken Malai Tikka and Paneer Tikka recipes here with easy and Yummefy-ed step-by-step instructional videos which making cooking these dishes a breeze.

    Chicken Malai Tikka

    Chicken Malai Tikka Recipe

    Paneer Tikka

    Paneer Tikka Recipe

    Pickle and Pachadi – to accompany Raksha Bandhan food:

    We try to make the most of the mango season, hence it shouldn’t be a surprise when you see mangoes appearing in every course but in vastly different tastes and forms. Take for instance our tangy, hot, and delicious Mango Achar or Mango Pickle. Make this ahead and pull it out to impress your guests as you desire.

    Mango Pickle

    Mango Pickle Recipe

    Or make the flavour bomb that is our Sweet Mango Pachadi, a mango chutney, like none other. The Sweet Mango Pachadi is a condiment from the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu; it is a preparation quite unique and delightful.

    Sweet Mango Pachadi

    Sweet Mango Pachadi

    Raksha Bandhan Traditional recipes – Main Course:

    If ordering in Chana Bhatura is your ‘sibling bonding’ Rakhi activity, we suggest you prepare our trusted Dhaba-style Pindi Chana recipe with your bhaturas or puris. The plus? You get to make and store your own chana masala instead of using a store-bought one. The use of this freshly ground spice mix will make your dish stand out and you are likely to get applauded for this please-all dish.

    Pindi Chana

    Pindi Chana Recipe

    And when we are speaking about Rakhi recipes for mains on this festive day Biryani comes to mind. We have not one but several recipes for you to pick from. Non-vegetarians can opt to prepare the aromatic and well-layered, Chicken Biryani Hyderabad Style, which is slow-cooked to perfection.

    Chicken Biryani Hyderabad Style

    Chicken Biryani Hyderabad Style Recipe

    Those who choose to eat vegetarian fare on festive occasions would love to prepare the Veg Dum Biryani, which is prepared  by layering vegetables and rice along with a liberal use of ghee and aromatic spices. The Veg Dum Biryani recipe has its origin in the courts of the Mughal emperors as it was created for the vegetarian days in the court, a practice started by Emperor Akbar.

    Veg Dum Biryani

    Veg Dum Biryani Recipe

    If you’d like to highlight a single ingredient in your biryani with a somewhat meaty texture, try our easy and mildly spiced Kathal Biryani recipe. This Jackfruit Biryani can be served along with Pomegranate Raita and Kachumber Salad.

    Kathal Biryani

    Kathal Biryani Recipe

    Raksha Bandhan Sweets recipes:

    Any festival is incomplete without dessert and we have an array of easy sweet recipes for Raksha Bandhan. If you have lots of drained or hung curd at home, then creamy and dreamy Mango Shrikhand is the quickest to put together. And needless to say it is mangolicious!

    Mango Shrikhand

    Mango Shrikhand Recipe

    Indian desserts such as Kaju Katli and Besan Ladoo never fail to impress where the phrase ‘muh meetha karna’ comes in (that lieterally translates to ‘to sweeten the mouth’. It is customary to share something sweet with you siblings on the occasion of rakhi and what better than home-made Indian desserts. Once you make Kaju Katli recipe and Besan Ladoo recipe at home you will never want to buy them off the shelves again.

    Kaju Katli

    Kaju Katli Recipe

    Besan Ladoo

    Besan Ladoo Recipe

    Our soft and spongy Chocolate Cake recipe is one that is loved by all age groups on the table. The gooey and super chocolatey cake can be put together without an oven and is apt for the occasion.

    Chocolate Cake

    Chocolate Cake

    If you want to make something less traditional, Apple Crumble, the sweet, delicious, crunchy, divine dessert will do the trick. Made with red delicious apples, this dessert is so tempting and divine that it is sure to disappear soon after serving.

    Apple Crumble

    Apple Crumble Recipe

    When we talk desserts, the irresistible Italian delicacy Tiramisu is a great choice. Who doesn’t like a spongy coffee soaked and sweetened mascarpone and chocolate shavings topped delight.


    Tiramisu Recipe

    And cheesecake and brownies are the ultimate desserts and are a part of many a celebrations. Why not introduce the two together as a Raksha Bandhan special recipe with our fool proof and super easy Cheesecake Brownies recipe?

    Cheesecake Brownies

    Cheesecake Brownies Recipe

    So, get going and cook for your siblings, or even better, cook together!

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