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    10 Top Paneer Recipes: Paneer is the most common type of fresh cheese used in traditional Indian cuisine. It is an unsalted, non-melting cottage or curd cheese made by curdling milk with a vegetable-derived acid such as lime juice.

    In most Indian households north of the Vindhyas, it is the protein of choice for vegetarians and a firm favourite of non-vegetarians. Paneer recipes are a regular feature at any Indian culinary occasion loved by every member of the family.

    Paneer and paneer recipes are widely made across the Indian subcontinent, and every region has its own rich repertoire of paneer dishes. It is particularly popular in northern India and in parts of eastern India where it is called chhena or chhana.

    It is easy to learn how to make paneer at home in a quick and simple method. You need only two ingredients—milk and acid (lime juice or vinegar). Heat the milk, add the lime juice, and then simmer the milk till it curdles and separates into whey and curds. Strain and press the curds in a filter cloth, and voila! You have fresh homemade paneer ready for the recipes of paneer listed below.

    The beauty of paneer is its versatility, flexibility, and adaptability. It pairs very well with a variety of ingredients and readily absorbs flavours without losing its own inherent delicate milky flavour and creamy, soft yet firm texture.

    Here at Yummefy, we have selected our top 10 paneer dishes to suit any taste and craving. Old family favourites, street food classics, regional variations, special occasions as well as simple, quick and easy paneer recipes that will become every day staples. Whether you’re looking for an easy paneer recipe with gravy or a quick and easy paneer sabji, have a look at our selection below and try one today.

    Check out Yummefy’s top 10 paneer recipes that showcase the best paneer dishes—from simple tiranga paneer salad to delicious paneer tikka, from scrumptious stuffed paneer pakoras to sophisticated paneer biryani. You will love our delicious, lip-smacking paneer recipes—from salads to snacks and starters to main courses, they are suitable for any time of the day and for every occasion.

    All paneer recipes in this paneer recipes collection below have been tried and tested for the best results.

    Achari Paneer

    Achari Paneer Recipe

    Achari Paneer If you like Indian pickles or achar, you will love our achari paneer recipe restaurant style. Achari paneer is a delicious dish of soft paneer cubes in a smooth tangy gravy made with pickling spices (achar masala) that are typically used for making achars or pickles in India. The gravy is mildly hot and spicy, hearty and robust, tart and tangy, intensely flavourful, and utterly delicious.

    Aloo Paneer

    Aloo Paneer Recipe

    Aloo Paneer is our Punjabi aloo paneer recipe consists of fresh paneer and potato cubes cooked in a lightly spiced but intensely flavourful and tangy onion–tomato gravy. Paneer-based and potato-based north Indian-style gravy dishes are popular across India. Aloo paneer combines the best of both ingredients, making for a fabulous combination.

    Paneer Makhani

    Paneer Makhani Recipe

    Paneer Makhani is considered by many as the most delicious paneer recipe in the world. It is a sumptuous Punjabi dish that perfectly encapsulates the nature of Punjabis—rich, robust, and hearty, with generous lashings of makhan, cream, and paneer braised in a luscious tomato-based gravy.

    Malai Kofta

    Malai Kofta Recipe

    Malai Kofta Recipe: one of the more popular recipes in Indian restaurants around the world, this creamy Punjabi dish is wonderful for special occasions. Delicate paneer and potato koftas stuffed with dry fruit, simmered in a rich tomato and cashew nut gravy! Heavenly!

    Paneer Biryani

    Paneer Biryani Recipe

    Paneer Biryani Recipe: lip-smacking succulent paneer cooked in delicate spices and layered with spiced aromatic rice, saffron, fried onions and other delicious ingredients, and then placed on dum till perfect. You'll love this recipe.

    Paneer Frankie

    Paneer Frankie Recipe

    Paneer Frankie Recipe: Paneer Frankie, a version of paneer kathi roll, is a popular street food now found in all major cities across India. Whatever the origins of this scrumptious paneer wrap may be, everyone agrees that the paneer frankie is definitely a hit. One is never enough for paneer lovers.

    Lal Paneer

    Lal Paneer Recipe

    Lal Paneer Recipe: Tasty slices of paneer (cottage cheese) lightly fried, and then braised in a deliciously spiced rich tomato gravy, using ingredients like fennel (saunf) and dried ginger powder resulting in a superb cuisine-defining dish

    Stuffed Paneer Pakora

    Stuffed Paneer Pakoda

    Stuffed Paneer Pakora recipe: Paneer slices stuffed with piquant green chutney, dipped in a spicy besan (gram flour) batter, and then fried until crispy and golden brown! Absolutely divine! Follow our quick and easy stuffed paneer pakora recipe for the perfect teatime snack that all paneer freaks will love.

    Paneer Tikka

    Paneer Tikka Recipe

    Paneer Tikka recipe: Who can doubt the popularity of the much-loved paneer tikka? This delectable Punjabi appetizer is served in homes and restaurants across the land, garnering diehard fans not only in India but also abroad. Follow our easy and foolproof paneer tikka recipe to recreate the best restaurant style paneer tikka at home.

    Tiranga Paneer Salad

    Tiranga Paneer Salad

    Tiranga Paneer Salad Recipe: How about a modern Indian tadka take on a Western vegetarian favourite this Republic Day? Our Tiranga Paneer Salad is a delicious Indian riff on the classic Italian caprese salad. It’s a great option for parties, celebrations, or just to satisfy your craving for something delicious but easy.

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