• Diwali Sweets Recipes

    Diwali Sweets Recipes
  • An air of festive enthusiasm heralds the arrival of Diwali – entire buildings decorated with glittering string lights, children – excited about Diwali holidays – playing busily and noisily, the hubbub of markets at a crescendo with the sale of diyas, clothes and other finery, along with shop counters full of quick selling Diwali sweets and dry fruit; and the kitchens at home occupied with the delightful preparation of Diwali delicacies. There is nothing quite like the arrival of Diwali.

    Diwali – the most auspicious festival for Hindus, is celebrated all across India, but the story that accounts for the celebration has variations in different parts of the country. In the North, Diwali is associated with the day marked to commemorate Lord Ram’s return to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana, the King of all demons. In the South of India, it is the triumph of Lord Krishna over the demon Narakasura, while in the West of India, it is to mark the time when the demon King Bali was sent to hell by Lord Vishnu. Each story of Diwali differs yet all of them have the same uniting notion or theme that is the triumph of good over evil.

    Diwali is celebrated over the span of five days with each day having significance on its own. The third being the main one is the day for Lakshmi Puja where prayers and Diwali special sweets are offered to Goddess Lakshmi. Homemade Diwali sweets are an integral part of the celebration and scrumptious meals largely comprise delicacies of many varieties. Special sweets are exchanged between friends and family spreading joy all around.

    Diwali Sweets Recipes

    Yummefy, of course, loves this festive time of year, and what better way to express our love for Diwali and for you, the Yummefy community, than to offer you 3 delectable Diwali sweets recipe videos to help you make these best Diwali recipes at home and celebrate this festival of lights.

    Kaju Katli Recipe – everybody’s favourite during Diwali. When we think of the goodness of nuts in the form of mouth-watering Diwali sweets recipes, Kaju Katli tops it all. Kaju Katli or Kaju Burfi as it is also known, is relished on special occasions like Diwali, which is why this recipe is most aptly part of our Diwali special.







    Shahi Tukda, when translated, means royal piece. It’s a dessert, as the name suggests, that is fit for royalty. Nice, crisp ghee-fried slices of bread dunked and liberally coated with thickened sweetened milk and aromatics. A dessert recipe we highly recommend for your Diwali dinner party during this festive season.








    And finally, Shahi Phirni, this rich and creamy sweet treat is another kind of typical Indian dessert that is savoured during the festive season. Always on our list of best Diwali recipes, its simple ingredients and easy-to-make recipe is great for Diwali family get-togethers to make the gathering even sweeter.






    This Diwali treat your family and friends to homemade Diwali sweets and desserts. Learn how to make quick & easy Diwali sweets like Kaju Katli, Shahi Phirni, and Shahi Tukda right here with detailed recipes, with ingredients and methods, step by step tutorial videos, and preparation time and cook time by Yummefy recipes.


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