• Show Your Mom Some Mother's Day Love! 5 Special Recipes You Can Make For Her

  • It was around this same time last year when you woke up to realize that you had forgotten to buy a Mother’s Day gift and ended up getting her a cliché card that now lies discarded, gathering dust in a corner.

    Since you are reading this, we’re thinking maybe you forgot, again.

    Fret not; we are here to help you.

    Mother’s Day should be a special day for your mom, and a gift simply doesn't suffice so why not go old school and give her something she really wants.

    A day where you cook, and she eats.

    So, here's our version of a Mother’s Day meal plan. It's delicious and will undoubtedly surprise and delight her.



    Akoori Recipe


    Chicken Kofta Biryani Recipe

    Breakfast: Akoori

    Starting the day with a Parsi breakfast of spicy scrambled eggs; Akoori. It’s an easy recipe and the result will be a perfect blend of spicy flavours and luscious eggs.




    Lunch: Chicken Kofta Biryani

    No one can say No to Biryani and when it comes to Chicken Kofta Biryani, those succulent chicken koftas slow-cooked with aromatic Dum biryani, the result is sheer perfection. You get this dish right, and your mom will pride herself on your upbringing


    Pasta Arrabbiata Recipe   Tiramisu Recipe


    Dinner: Pasta Arrabbiata

    Your Mom's list of healthy food may never include pasta, but you are the cook today so go ahead and woo her with this pasta arrabbiata. Spicy but utterly delicious, she will undoubtedly ask you for the recipe later.





    Dessert: Tiramisu

    What better way to end a fantastic day than with the Italian 'pick-me-up' dessert? Creamy custard with a tinge of strong coffee topped with shavings of chocolate; this Italian dessert is a bite of heaven on a plate.



    This is our menu-plan for a perfect Mother’s Day celebration; we hope you don't forget the date next time.

    Until Next year,

    Here are the Recipes to make your Mom's Day special.

    Caution: After this brilliant showcase of your cooking skills, your mother may deem you eligible for marriage and shower you with marriage proposals.




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